• How 5g affects YOU
    How 5g affects YOU


    5G, which stands for “fifth generation,” is an upcoming standard for mobile telecommunications service that promises to be significantly faster than today’s 4G technology. It will allow users to browse the internet, upload or download videos, and use data-intensive apps or features such as virtual reality much more quickly and smoothly than is possible now.

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International Action Groups

  • International Action Groups
    International Action Groups

    We have as best we can, provided links to relevant action groups working towards a safer future on the international arena.

    Please look through your country region to find groups working specificially towards your goals, as different regions adhere to different local policies and legislation. What works towards all of our goals in one region, will not necessarilly work in your particular region.

    To assist us with our work, please advise us of any unlisted groups and relevant action collectives by notifying us here. We are most appreciative of your efforts.