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kNOw 5G is an independent group of concerned men and women, working as a non-profit, non-governmental, private and pro-active people. We are collaborating with various legal experts, law researchers, high level judges and barristers, to provide YOU with the mightiest weapon at your disposal – LAW. All our tools are verified by legal professionals.

This ensures that we as a collective, including you, make the most of the hundreds, if not thousands of man-hours dedicated to give you a toolkit to change the game.  Together we can stop 5G and ensure future technology is healthful for all of us, future generations, and the planet.

Meet some of the team below!




I knew a little about 5G at the beginning of the project, however as we’ve progressed in our research, it has truly taken us down a rabbit hole.

My involvement in this project has not only included a lot of research, but also looking at the local legislation, international charters, treaties, declarations, worldwide resolutions etc. of which the implementation of 5G are directly in breach.  I have been absolutely astounded at the extent of the breach of these legislations, charters, etc., and completely amazed that the implementation has been allowed to continue to proceed.

The technology that will be available to us through 5G is amazing. But the price we’ll pay is truly frightening, and it makes me wonder whether it will be worth it. And that’s why I think it’s so important for everyone to KNOW about 5G, and exactly how it will affect ALL of us! At the end of the day, it’s up to each and every one of us to decide whether it’s worth jeopardising our health, animals, environment and our planet, for the sake of ‘convenient technology’.

For me , our health, vitality, environment, and the prosperity of ALL living creatures on this earth is far more important – I think our future, and the future of our planet is something worth fighting for.

There are many ways you can help us take action. By following, liking and sharing us on social media. It would also be great if you could take the time to fill out the documentation on our website and send through to the relevant parties. I hope you will support us by donating if you can. And please join us on our quest to spread the word and STOP 5G!  ….oh and we’d love to hear from you, so please get in contact and leave us some feedback!



I became concerned about the 5G issue when I saw how it impacts on people’s health, the environment, and the possibility of it being used for more than it was meant to be. I also felt that it was time that people woke up to the fact that we are living in a dangerous world and there are people out there who are not having our best interests at heart. They are trying to undermine our sovereignty and our way of life.

My role has been one of trying to coordinate some of the loose ends, participating in discussions and lending assistance where I can. I don’t have a legal background. I don’t have an administration background. But I do have a logical mind and a caring heart, and that’s why I’m in this group. I do believe genuinely that we are able to turn things around, get people to wake up, and hopefully allow them to become active participants in this world if theirs.

In the end I guess it really is about how much people want to learn and how much people want to get involved. I think the stakes are very high, and the future is very much in our hands. Rather than handing it over to a group of psychopaths I believe it’s time we made a stand, and really did something not only for ourselves but our children, the world that we live in, and maybe even for the greater good.



I’m involved in the 5G project as I’m interested in emerging technologies, and I’m becoming concerned about what I’m learning about those technologies.
The skills I bring to the table are things such as pulling people together, and I’m a reasonable researcher too.

I’ve learnt many things along the way, including the fact that there seem to be significant links between coronavirus and the implementation of 5G. That’s quite concerning given that a lot of the 5G towers are not yet fully in place or not switched on, or if they are they’re not tested. I’m seeing significant impact on people’s bodies, people who are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation, which again is quite concerning.

The outcome I’d like to see is to see safer technologies implemented for this generation and other generations to come. I think there’s a lot of harm coming our way if things roll out the way that they are.



My concern with 5G began ever since it started coming into alternative news. I’ve always been sensitive to EMFs, and when I saw the effects 5G was having on people, animals and plants, I wanted to do something about it. So I was very happy to learn that this group would be working on it as one of it’s first projects.

I’m the lucky one that gets to put the icing on the cake – I’m in marketing! The others pull the weight through their tireless research of information and development of  lawful documents. I create the visuals and social media platforms, which also gives me the pleasure of interacting with like minded people on line.

My wish for this project is that it helps to create some real change in the world of technology, to ensure it is safe for humanity and all living creatures. I also see that by making headway in this regard, it will give us and other groups inspiration and motivation to tackle other issues that threaten human rights. In fact, by restoring human rights, many of the collaborative projects I’ve been brewing will be a lot easier when undertaken through lawful means. I never thought I’d be interested in law before but hey, here we are!



Hi. I’m concerned about the wellness of humanity, animals, and the planet.

I’ve heard about 5G and the potential dangers. I would like to stop it, or at least put a halt on it until proper testing it carried out, but I don’t know how.

If I had an easy way to take effective lawful action to help save the future of this planet I would.

If I had an easy way to share information about 5G to the people I care about, and help them to take action, I would.

If there was a group that had the heart, the knowledge and the tools to make positive change, I would join them.


We need YOU to take action, and, it’s easier than your 8th grade examination!

This website gives you the tools to be effective. You do not need legal knowledge to be effective. We have provided you without a simple, easy to follow process which you will find on the Start Here page to ensure we will live in a safe environment into the future.

You can also go to ‘Spread The Word where there are plenty of memes for you to share with your online communities. Every post helps!!! Thank you for being here. Welcome to the tribe.