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From Nick Pineault the EMF guy <>


I’ve got news I received from multiple of my colleagues, including fellow EMF activists and researchers.

Please read Elizabeth Kelley’s email below. If you have Amazon devices at home, make sure to opt-out of the new program Amazon has activated as of today that’ll turn your devices into a public mesh system.

Essentially, this means more of your private information will be shared, and that your Amazon devices might emit more electro-pollution inside your home.

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PS — I previously wrote on Facebook that everyone needed to opt out of this madness before June 8th. It looks like new information has come to light, and that we *should* be able to opt out later as well.

Still, don’t take chances with these things and follow the instructions below to ensure your devices are not opted into this program.


Community Alert!

A new wireless service is being offered by Amazon that may adversely impact your privacy and your health.

Amazon Sidewalk is coming to your neighborhood very soon. It will harness RING, ALEXA, ECHO, and borrow some of your home internet bandwidth to expand signal coverage for a new surveillance system, that is represented as a “service”.

Amazon Sidewalk works by harnessing and expanding the radiation patterns created by the home internet. If you have installed RING, ALEXA, ECHO or other wireless monitoring device in your home, Amazon Sidewalk will be able to access that device and some of your Wi-Fi bandwidth, expand the coverage area AKA radiation pattern, as much as a half-mile distant from your home.

The purpose for this new “service”, allegedly, is to track and profile you and your neighbors to market products and services to you more effectively. Amazon Sidewalk assumes that you are giving them your implied consent for this new “service” UNLESS you act to opt out.

If this news interests you, here some more information:

A recent article published by ARS Technica, provides more details about the impact on your privacy and offers instructions on how to opt out.

Opening the Alexa app
Opening More and selecting Settings
Selecting Account Settings
Selecting Amazon Sidewalk
Turning Amazon Sidewalk Off
We think that AMAZON Sidewalk represents a major intrusion into our private lives and can pose serious privacy and security risks. It also poses health risks as it will increase the levels of chronic exposure to 5G frequencies in the microwave/millimeter wave range both inside and outside of our homes.

Neighboring homes that do not have these devices will also be affected by the expanded coverage areas, but these homeowners will not be able to opt out. What is happening here is an act of electronic trespass without your express consent. Even if you think it is a great idea, consider the potential impacts on the privacy, health and well-being of your neighbors, domestic pets, and the wildlife that we all appreciate in living here.

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Elizabeth Kelley, MA