The Issue With 5G


Across the globe there remains a challenging and alarming threat to the safety, health and well being of all life. That threat is the rollout of the technology known as “5G”.

This technology is not to be confused with the term “5gHz” which is a reference to the bandwidth currently used or available in most modern Modems and Wi-Fi Routers we use every day. While this itself may be of concern to many health-conscious people, this is a completely different matter to what we are discussing here.

  • For those who already are aware, and have concern for their well being, you will find TOOLS in the Resources to tackle the unlawful rollout of the 5G technology in your region.
  • To read more about what “5G” IS as a TECHNOLOGY, continue reading below.


While the above passage is a derived from a very powerful maxim in law, it also illustrates the seriousness of the situation. The people of the world largely are nescient (“ignorant”) of the fact that the assumptions in law, and therefore the operation and function of governments and the Judiciary, use this principal of law to work against the people’s better interests and well-being.

This situation must be remedied, by education of the masses. Until the people collectively and individually know and assert their god-given divine and natural rights, they are assumed to have none, but what are given as “privileges” and allowances through ACTs of legislation.

What the governments and the Judiciary itself seem to have collectively forgotten or ignored, is that people are now awakening to this fact, slowly but surely.


Unfortunately time is running out for action against 5G and other issues, and the steep learning curve for a self-education in law and asserting one’s rights is limiting. As a consequence, we felt it appropriate to assist in a crash-course with some basics in education provided in this website, along with a method of asserting your WILL to resist 5G roll-outs without the long and arduous task of knowing your rights.

The first point to address is some very basic understanding of what certain words and terms mean in law and legislation. Words are of utmost importance to comprehending, and applying law. This statement cannot be overstated. WORDS MATTER.


Words are the secondary mode of conveyance of an expression of Will.

Actions are the primary mode of conveyance of an expression of Will.

As we do not always have the benefit of visiting a government official, we must use the next best thing. Our written words, as a memorial of our verbal expression of will. Those words you use must be exact, precise and understood at all times, in terms of the language of law and that of legislation.

You may have heard the term “legalese”. This is true in terms of it not truly being an English language. It is a foreign or unknown language to most people. The words of the legal appear to be the same as the words of English. However, this is the first step of the trap into the surrendering your rights from the moment you started to speak and write. This is a correction that must be addressed first.

To gain some comprehension of the language of law, one must start to learn the meanings of commonly used words. As an example:

Have you ever heard the word “sophisticated” being used in any other colloquial manner than the assumption it means “high-class”, or “exotic”, or “highly revered”?

Most would answer in the affirmative. A lawyer and a judge would not. That’s because the word, in law, means something else entirely. The word “sophisticate” is defined in law as “confusion by way of words”. In other words in the colloquial, it means “a trickster”, which is an insult rather than a compliment it is mostly assumed to mean.

You may believe legal and lawful mean the same thing too. This is not the case at all. In fact, one could say they are mirror images of each other.


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