Blueprint documents and instructions

Provided below are links to several documents both current and pending in the near future.

1: The first is the detailed instructions which should be read first.

2: The second is the resources for producing a document colloquially referred to as a “Objection and Demand” letter. A common practice of a “My Will” letter is a statutory form and a legal document, but does not command an Official in Service to the People, and is routinely ignored by politicians and other public servants. These references will assist you with credible professional opinions to support your position with authority.

3. Example Letters Bundle is to provide you with examples of how your first letters should look. Observe along with the Instructions document

4. Blueprint Letters Bundle is to provide you with a rough template for constructing your letters.

Please download all the following documents, and carefully read the instructions.

As will become obvious in the instructions, it is extremely important to follow the directions to complete your letter very precisely. Words, colours, fonts, margins and other formatting have important consequences. Unless you are certain of your own knowledge in law and legislation, do not deviate from these directions. Words have far more power than you may know, so choose them very carefully.


Current version: [V04 – 28 03 2021]     Download PDF  or  Download Word
Previous version: [V03 – 26 03 2021]     Download PDF  or  Download Word

5G Source References and Legislation    Current version: [v04 26 03 2021]     Download PDF  or Download Word

Example Letters Bundle     Current version: V01     Download ZIP

Blueprint Letters Bundle     Current version: V03     Download ZIP


Coming VERY shortly (stated as of 27th March 2021):

  Reminder Notice

  Final Demand Notice

  Certificate of Default