May 19, 2021

-From Satya Vijay on Bitchute

“Leader of the Bhartiya Kisan Union (Indian farmer union) talks to Village head man Jaypal Singh Kundur from Haryana, India.
The villagers are reporting several deaths since the installation of 5G technology and LED lighting in villages across India.

Villagers who have realised this attack are cuttting the 5G tower lines or demanding them to be shut.
These deaths are being counted as covid deaths and are being used by the media for propaganda purposes.
Indian PM has demanded an increase in testing and vaccination across Indian villages in his ‘war on corona’.
Apparently, 5G/high frequency technology towers have already been installed across India, even in far-off villages. These towers are being timely activated to forward the agenda narrative. These soft weapons are the real ‘invisible enemy’ which media never talks about. 5G will be officially rolled out in the second half of 2021 and the trials are now officially going on since April. However, there was a bird flu epidemic in India back in January which was most likely caused by 5G technology/ high frequency radiation.”